About WESTbahn

Since our operational start in December 2011 one can´t think of the Austrian railway system between Vienna and Salzburg without thinking of WESTbahn. Founded in 2008 in the course of the railway liberalization in the European Union as the first functional daughter company of Rail Holding AG, we have already reached one target in the course of the past few years: To make for more quality on track due to increased competition – for all railway passengers.

Ongoing customer feedback affirms that the relentless pursuit of high quality is perceived predominately from our company. Travellers especially appreciate our friendly stewards who are keen to care for our passengers on each journey and who are the addressees of all questions and concerns. Passengers also gladly choose our well-equipped WESTbahn trains for a relaxed and safe journey with a mostly exceptionally high punctuality.

We try to live up to our high quality standards on each day and on every trip – starting in December 2017 with a more than doubled fleet capacity which will help us establish a half hourly service between Vienna and Salzburg.