Trafik-Aktiv Ticket

Trafik-Aktiv Ticket can be used for a single journey and is valid for one year starting from the date of purchase. It is available to purchase in selected tobacco stores only!*

Passengers aged 60+ can travel from Monday to Thursday for a special price starting from € 9,99, depending on your preferred route.The ticket is available to purchase in 3000 tobacco stores throughout Austria. 

Wien - Amstetten

Tullnerfeld - Linz/Wels

St.Pölten - Linzg

St.Pölten - Wels

Amstetten - Attnang

Linz - Salzburg

Wels - Salzburg

(and conversely)

€ 9,99

Wien - Linz

Wien - Wels

Tullnerfeld - Attnang

Tullnerfeld Salzburg

St. Pölten - Attnang

St. pölten - Salzburg

Amstetten - Salzburg

(and conversely)

€ 13,99

Wien - Attnang

Wien - Salzburg

(and conversely)






€ 17,99

*Click here to see the list of tobacco stores  that are equipped with special terminals to sell WESTbahn tickets. Please choose "Service e-Loading" when searching for a tobacco store.