Traveling with KlimaTicket Österreich

Traveling with KlimaTicket Österreich

Just hop on

KlimaTicket Österreich – Austria’s first annual nationwide public transport ticket also valid on the WESTbahn*. Ticketholders of the Klimaticket Ö can travel all across Austria using all forms of public transport for free including WESTbahn – just hop on! The KlimaTicket Ö annual pass is of course also valid on our WESTbahn trains in Austria (for pass holders who plan a journey to our German stops Rosenheim and Munich, please check out our special KlimaPlus-Ticket Bavaria deal here).

When traveling with your KlimaTicket Ö between Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Bregenz, WESTbahn will be your preferred choice. In addition to our state-of-the-art high-speed InterCity fleet and our friendly onboard crew, we offer KTÖ passholders these three benefits:

  1. Free upgrade from Standard Class to Comfort Class – with your KlimaTicket Ö you are entitled to use our Comfort Class 2+ for your journey at no extra charge.
  2. Free seat reservation – KTÖ passholders enjoy free seat reservations (in the Comfort Class or Standard Class). Please note: you have to register you KlimaTicket Ö in the WESTbahn account section here.
  3. Collect WESTpoints with your KlimaTicket Ö – for every kilometer you travel in a WESTbahn train with your KlimaTicket Ö, you receive WESTpunkte (loyalty points). These you can use, for example, to buy a drink or a snack on board – you get a free espresso for only 22 WESTpunkte! Or collect your WESTpunkte and use them to book tickets online for a friend or relative without a KlimaTicket Ö.

As KlimaTicket Ö passholder you can take up to 4 family children younger than 15 for only 2 Euro per child and route**.

In order to use all benefits of the KlimaTicket Österreich on our WESTbahn trains, please register your card in the WESTbahn account section.

You can buy the KlimaTicket Ö annual ticket on, at our WESTshops and in the sales channels of all participating transport companies and traffic associations - and use it in WESTbahn trains from the start of the validity of your Klimaticket Ö.

* The KlimaTicket Österreich is valid on all WESTbahn connections between Vienna, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Bregenz. Please note that the validity of the KlimaTicket Österreich does NOT apply to our German connections (Rosenheim, Munich). For journeys to Rosenheim or Munich, KlimaTicket Österreich customers can purchase the discounted KlimaPlus-Ticket Bavaria here.

** child fare is not applicable to connections in the VOR-region