The WESTbahn Relax Check-in

The WESTbahn Relax Check-in

For an even more relaxed ride

Enjoy uninterrupted reading, focused work or take a little powernap! With our Relax Check-in, you can check yourself in and avoid the ticket check by our crew*.

Relax Check-in – all you need to know

Find all the information about the Relax Check-in at WESTbahn right here on this page.

Convenient rail travel with the WESTbahn

The Relax Check-in

With our Relax Check-in, you can easily and quickly check yourself in, avoiding ticket checks by our crew*.

To start the Relax Check-in, simply scan the QR code on the (folding) table at your seat and follow the instructions on your mobile device. After the successful check-in, your seat is reserved for you all the way to your destination station – the display above your seat will switch to reserved and will display your starting and terminating stations after a few moments.

The Relax Check-in is available for all WESTbahn tickets, except for group tickets, tickets from Austrian transportation associations, bicycles, and pet tickets. You can also check in using your KlimaTicket Ö – provided it is linked to your WESTbahn-account.




Collect WESTpunkte & save money

The best part about the Relax Check-in is that you can simultaneously colleckt WESTpunkte (points). You receive one WESTpunkt for every 1 Euro of ticket price. These points can be used online for purchasing tickets and upgrades. Or better yet, use them to buy snacks and drinks in our onaboard WESTcafés – for just 22 WESTpunkte, you can already get a free espresso!

Please note, that collecting WESTpunkte is only possible for WESTbahn customers with a free WESTbahn account.


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Book your tickets here and look forward to a relaxing journey with WESTbahn!

If you have questions, contact us by e-mail at or phone from Mon - Fri from 8:00 to 18:00 and Sat, Sun or public holidays from 9:00 to 15:00 on +43 1 899 00.

* If tickets have been checked in that require further validation (proof of age, partner card, etc.), our crew may still check them.