WESTaktiv Ticket

Currently we do not sell this ticket.

However, already purchased and still valid WESTaktiv tickets can be used from Monday to Thursday in any WESTbahn train and ÖBB long distance train (RJ, RJX, ICE) as well as in ÖBB Cityjet Xpress (CJX). Further details can be found here.


With the WESTaktiv Ticket passengers aged 60 years and older can travel from Monday to Thursday for a special price. Depending on your preferred route, tickets are available from € 9,99. 

Wien - Amstetten

St.Pölten - Linz

St.Pölten - Wels

Amstetten - Attnang

Amstetten - Vöcklabruck

Linz - Salzburg

Wels - Salzburg

(and conversely)

€ 9,99

Wien - Linz

Wien - Wels

St. Pölten - Attnang

St. Pölten - Vöcklabruck

St. Pölten - Salzburg

Amstetten - Salzburg

(and conversely)


€ 14,99

Wien - Attnang

Wien - Vöcklabruck

Wien - Salzburg

(and conversely)





€ 19,99

WESTaktiv Tickets are only valid for a single journey from Monday to Thursday. Tickets can be purchased online and in about 3000 tobacco stores throughout Austria and are valid for one year starting from the date of purchase. Please show your personal ID during ticket inspection. Each ticket allows you to be accompanied by four family children under 15 years for 1 Euro only per child and direction. These € 1,- tickets are available directly on board.