KlimaPlus-Ticket Bavaria

The KlimaPlus-Ticket Bavaria: The inexpensive extension of your KlimaTicket Österreich to Rosenheim and Munich.

Lifestyle, language and mentality in Austria and Bavaria are not foreign to each other, but rather closely connected. That's why we are crossing the borders in a particularly favorable way for travelers with KlimaTicket Ö: With our new KlimaPlus-Ticket Munich, no one has to think twice about where their next trip will take them - to Munich, of course, the charming cosmopolitan city with a heart!

The KlimaPlus-Ticket Bavaria to Rosenheim costs 14.90 euros and to Munich 19.90 euros. It can only be used in combination with a valid KlimaTicket Österreich for a one-way trip on a WESTbahn train in the section from Salzburg to Rosenheim or Munich or back.

Please note the following points: You can only check in your KlimaTicket Österreich as far as Salzburg. Therefore, please also check in your KlimaPlus-Ticket München within 10 minutes after departure of the WESTbahn from Salzburg to Munich (if you want to collect WESTpoints for the Bavarian section). On the way back to Austria, it is also necessary to check in separately for Munich - Salzburg or Salzburg - Vienna. Your free seat reservation with the KlimaTicket Ö is of course valid for the entire cross-border journey.