Technical Museum Vienna

Technical Museum Vienna

Experience technology

In the art nouveau ambience of the Vienna Museum of Technology, unique objects from the past and present tell of the life and work of famous personalities: The Etrich II "Taube", for example, brings the pioneering days of powered flight to life, the Mercedes W 196 "Silberpfeil " tells of its adventures and the court salon car of Empress Elisabeth looks back on numerous journeys with its owner. In addition, the Technical Museum Vienna owns the most valuable railway collection in Austria. Here, selected exhibits such as Ajax, Steinbrück and Co. can be marvelled at in all their glory.

The exhibits of the Technical Museum Vienna invite you to marvel, participate and try out. Speak your own TV announcement in the TV studio or test the volume of your voice in the screaming booth. Fascination with technology - at the Technisches Museum Wien it becomes an adventure!

If you travel to Vienna with a WESTflex fare ticket, ask the crew for the voucher for the Technical Museum Vienna. Travellers aged 19 and over can use this voucher voucher to receive a € 4 discount on the regular adult admission price to the Technisches Museum Wien.

The voucher is valid for 3 days from the date of issue. Please hand it in at the cash desk at the Technisches Museum Wien.

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