Taking luggage on the WESTbahn

Taking luggage on the WESTbahn

Make the most of your journey

Every WESTbahn carriage has a lockable luggage rack on the lower deck, which is available to our passengers free of charge via a deposit system. This luggage rack offers enough space for larger items of luggage – please be aware that larger items of luggage cannot be stowed on the upper deck of our trains. On this page we explain the procedure for using our onboard luggage rack.

Travelling with luggage – it's that easy:

Safely stow your luggage in the lower decks of our WESTbahn trains.

Gepäckmitnahme in der WESTbahn

Step-free access to the luggage rack

Our low-floor coaches all have step-free access and extra-wide entrance doors. Our spacious luggage racks are located in every carriage directly next to the sliding door on the lower deck.

Each luggage rack has 12 lockable luggage security locks. A 50 cent or 1 euro coin is required as a deposit for use – you will receive this back after use.  

Tip: Our trains are usually ready for boarding at the respective departure stations up to 20 minutes before departure – you can stow your luggage without stress well before departure.


Gepäckvorgaben in der WESTbahn

Storing Trolleys

We kindly request that small and medium-sized trolleys be placed under the seat to keep the aisle clear and ensure smooth boarding and disembarking for all passengers.

In addition, smaller items can also be stored in the overhead compartment above your seat.


Gepäckvorgaben in der WESTbahn

WESTbahn luggage regulations

Please note that larger items of luggage cannot be stowed on the upper deck of our WESTbahn trains. Please use the luggage rack on the lower deck.

If you are carrying more than 2 pieces of baggage, luggage weighing more than 20 kg or a piece of baggage that exceeds a belt-size of 250 cm (the sum of the length, width and height of your luggage), our crew will charge a fee of 5 euros for bulky baggage. Please note that the carriage of bulky baggage may be refused in the event of high capacity utilisation.


How to secure your luggage:

Schritt 1 – Pfandmünze einwerfen

Step 1: Insert deposit coin

Schritt 2 – Schloss herausziehen

Step 2: Pull out the lock and 

put it through the handle

Schritt 3 – absperren und Schlüssel rausziehen

Step 3: Lock and remove the key

Watch our explanatory video about taking luggage on the WESTbahn:


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