Travelling with pets

Travelling with pets

Bringing your furry companion on our train

Whether you're planning an all-day adventure or a short trip, at WESTbahn we want you and your pet to travel safely and comfortably on our trains.

Taking your pet on our train – everything you need to know

When it comes to travelling with pets, nothing beats the train. It’s fast, convenient and stress-free, for pets and owners alike. Here’s everything you need to know about bringing your pet on board of our train.

Pets in the WESTbahn

Rules for travelling with your pet

At WESTbahn, you can easily and affordably take your pet along on your trip.

Transporting a pet in a closed rigid pet carrier is free of charge.

At WESTbahn there are a few rules when it comes to taking your pet on our trains:

  • Pets cannot occupy train seats.
  • Pets must be under control at all times and you are responsible that your pet does not disturb or cause inconvenience to other passengers.
  • It is not allowed to bring dangerous animals on board of our trains.

At any time, our crew is authorised to refuse to take animals on board or to have them removed from the train.

Traveling with a dog on WESTbahn

Bringing your dog

At WESTbahn we welcome well-behaved dogs and we kindly ask you to keep your dog on a lead and have it wear a muzzle for the entire duration of your stay onboard a WESTbahn train.

Smaller dogs kept in a closed rigid pet carrier are transported free of charge. Dogs not transported in a pet carrier must be kept on a lead and have to wear a muzzle. The ticket for a dog on a lead costs 2 euros per journey.

You also have the option of purchasing this ticket with 20 WESTpunkte (login required).

A 30-day dog ticket can be purchased for 49 euros. The ticket is valid for 30 consecutive days from the selected day of validity. This ticket is only available at our WESTshops or directly from our crew on our trains.

Registered assistance dogs (with entry in the disability pass) always travel for free on our WESTbahn network.


Traveling with a cat on WESTbahn

Cat train travel tips

We want your furry friend to travel just as comfortably and stress-free as you do.

That's why at WESTbahn we offer an uncomplicated way to bring your kitty on board. Your cat just needs to be kept in a closed rigid pet carrier – not only is this free of charge, but it also ensures the safety and comfort of your cat during your journey with us.


Book your tickets now and look forward to a relaxing journey with WESTbahn!

If you have questions, contact us by e-mail at or phone from Mon - Fri from 8:00 to 18:00 and Sat, Sun or public holidays from 9:00 to 15:00 on +43 1 899 00.