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Passenger rights

What are my rights if WESTbahn is delayed?

Please notice the terms of compensation and the cases given below.

You are entitled to a compensation by WESTbahn if your train is delayed 60 minutes or more in the arrival station (according to your ticket for a single journey). Starting from 60 minutes 25% of the ticket price is topped on automatically, starting from 120 minutes it is 50%. Please keep the ticket of your delayed journey, you can use the topped-on credit when you pay for your next journey on board.

The compensation is topped automatically onto your ticket one month after the delay at the latest, there is no need to file any application. 

I´m on the plattform and my train is delayed by more than 60 minutes or even cancelled

You can resign from the journey and get a full refund of your ticket. Please note that any WESTbahn full fare ticket is valid for 12 months and that you can probably use it on a different occasion.

If you choose to travel with WESTbahn despite the delay or cancellation of a certain train the legal claim to a compensation according to your passenger rights as mentioned above is applicable. 

I´m in the train and it is more than 60 mintes delayed.

You can either interrupt your journey and return to the starting point with a different WESTbahn train at no further cost. In addition the unused part of your journey is refunded. If the journey has demonstrably become obsolete (e.g. because you could not take part in a certain meeting) you´re refunded the full fare of the outward journey. Please document the aim of your travel with correspondent data.

If you decide to continue the journey you only receive a compensation if the train has a delay of more than 60 minutes in the arrival station.

What happens if I cannot continue my journey due to a WESTbahn delay?

If the continuation of your journey on the same day is not possible or reasonable due to cancellation, delay or missing of the latest train connection WESTbahn organizes and pays your hotel stay or refunds hotel costs up to a maximum of € 80 incl. tax. If a journey home is possible, WESTbahn refunds travel expenses for public transport or taxi up to a maximum of € 50,- incl. tax.

If you realize that you will have problems with your onward journey already during your WESTbahn travel, please contact your steward. Please note that WESTbahn does not conduct any late trains and can not be held liable for missed connections, not even in the case of missed flight and bus connections.

How do I get a confirmation about a train delay or cancellation for my employer?

You can receive a confirmation about a certain train delay or cancellation at no cost from our WESTbahn customer care team (+43 1 899 00,

Under which circumstances do I not get any compensation for a single ticket?

You don´t get any compensation if the train arrives in the arrival station (according to your ticket) with a delay of less than 60 minutes. In addition you don´t get a compensation if you make a demand of the full ticket refund or if the ticket for your journey has been sold by a company different from WESTbahn Management GmbH (e.g. OÖVV Upper Austrian traffic association). 

How do I get a compensation if I hold a season ticket?

You can claim a compensation only at the end of validity if WESTbahn punctuality falls below the average punctuality of 90%. If a claim exists for your annual travel card, it is topped on your card about two weeks after the end of validity. As a holder of WESTbahn 7 days and 30 days cards or a traffic association annual card respectively, please address yourself to WESTbahn customer care team(+43 1 899 00,