Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

General information about WESTbahn
What makes WESTbahn special?

In all our customer satisfaction surveys, the number one answer is our stewards; your contact for all queries and concerns. It is our onboard staff that makes your WESTbahn journey such a special experience as well as the quality of our facilities on all our barrier free WESTbahn trains.

All our coaches have free wifi (WESTlan) and comfortable ergonomic leather seats. Power outlets at each regular seat supply electricity for one´s electronic devices. In our WESTcafés, you can treat yourself to cold and hot beverages as well as fresh snacks. Coach 14 in the middle of the train is specially equipped for PRM customers and offers two free of charge bookable wheelchair spaces and a PRM toilet with baby changing facilities.

Which trains does the WESTbahn use?

WESTbahn own 15 low floor train sets of the type KISS made by Stadler Rail AG, Switzerland. These double deck railcar sets are specially designed for our intercity operation between Vienna and Salzburg and reach a peak speed of 200 km/h. Wide doors allow passengers to enter and exit the train very quickly. 

Take a virtual tour including 360-degree images through a WESTbahn train:

What are the most important facts about WESTbahn Management GmbH?

WESTbahn Management GmbH is the first operating subsidiary of Rail Holding AG. The aim of Rail Holding AG is to establish a private railway network for passenger transport in Central Europe. WESTbahn has been offering railway passenger services between Vienna and Salzburg since December 2011 and will in December 2021 expand its route to Munich.

WESTbahn was founded in the rail liberalization within the European Union. The railway networks were made accessible to private providers to create more competition and improve the quality of railway services.

Shareholders of Rail Holding AG are the Haselsteiner Familien Privatstiftung, Augusta Holding AG and SNCF Voyages Developpement SAS. Managing Director of WESTbahn as well as the Manager of the Board of Rail Holding AG are DI Thomas Posch und Mag. Florian Kazalek. Members of the supervisory board of Rail Holding AG are Anna-Theresa Korbutt, Marco Ramsbacher and Jean-Baptiste Guenot. The Chairman of the Board is Dr. Andreas J. Ludwig.

WESTbahn is a founding member of ALLRAIL, the Alliance of Rail New Entrants, where it campaigns for fair competition and an open European railway market together with other newcomers.

WESTbahn Account
Why should I register for a WESTbahn account?

If you are registered, you can also register to receive our WESTbahn newsletter on a regular basis. You can also easily manage your online bookings and select your preferred seat if you would like to make a seat reservation.

If you forgot your password for your WESTbahn account, please click on „Forgot your password?“. You will receive an email with a link that allows you to reset your password.  

If you need an assistance with resetting your password, please contact our customer care team by phone +43 1 899 00 or by email

How do I contact the WESTbahn customer support team?

On our Service & Support page you will find all the information you need to contact the WESTbahn.