Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Barrier-free journey
Are WESTbahn trains barrier-free?

Yes. On our "Accessibility and Passenger Assist" page you will find all the information you need for travellers with reduced mobility.

Which WESTbahn stations are barrier-free?

Wien West, St. Pölten and Linz display information in Braille on all hand rails in order to facilitate blind persons to find their way to the trains. A general guidance system is available in the above mentioned stations as well as in Wels and Salzburg.

For passengers in a wheelchair, we have summarised all information on our "Accessibility and Passenger Assist" page.

If you need help on the platform before you commence your travel, please email us at up to 48 hours before your travel or call us on +43 1 899 00 (from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and during the weekend and on holidays from 9 am to 3pm).

How do I use WESTbahn’s Wi-Fi?

A wifi connection for your smartphone, laptop or tablet is available in all WESTbahn train sets. Just log into WESTlan and surf uninterruptedly during your journey.

How does WESTbahn catering work?

Each WESTbahn train set has WESTcafés with seats, a vending machine for hot and cold beverages as well as a snack-bar/vending machine with fresh snacks.

You can purchase cold and hot beverages and snacks from our self service vending machines and from your steward. In WESTbahn PLUS service at your seat is included, in the other coaches the steward will bring your refreshments to your seat; subject to the load factor and other circumstances.

WESTbahn catering does not require any public subsidies on any train. Therefore WESTbahn and Ankerbrot create an economic success story for all tax payers.

Luggage, bikes and animals
How many pieces of luggage am I allowed to take on WESTbahn trains?

Please visit our "Luggage on board" page.

Can I bring my pet on WESTbahn trains?

At WESTbahn we welcome well-behaved pets – you will find all information on our "Travelling with pets" page.  

Dogs travel on WESTbahn's entire railway network with a 30-day ticket for 49 euros. You can buy this ticket in all WESTshops and directly on the train.

Registered guide- and assistance dogs are excluded from these regulations.

How do I get a discount voucher for Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Technisches Museum Wien or Wiener Riesenrad?

If you buy a WESTbahn ticket to Vienna, please ask our onboard crew. Our steward will hand out a discount voucher for Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Technisches Museum Wien or Wiener Riesenrad. Please speak to your steward on this matter. You will find more information on our WESTbahn Deals page.

Business travel
What are the benefits for my company if we book WESTbahn tickets?

We offer special rates for company bookings. Please visit our WESTbahn Business page.

Lost and found
What happens if I forget something on board?

If our stewards find your lost item on board, we will store it up to 6 weeks in our WESTbahn bureau. After this period we will forward it to Zentralen Fundservice Wien (Siebenbrunnenfeldgasse 3, 1050 Wien, Tel. +43 1 4000-8091). If you have any questions about your lost item, please contact WESTbahn’s customer care team by phone +43 1 899 00 or by email