Questions & Answers

Barrier-free journey

Is WESTbahn barrier-free?

Yes. WESTbahn´s low floor construction provides extensive barrier-free access and stepless entrance. Upon door opening, automatic footboards close the gaps between platform and train. Your steward is happy to assist you if desired.

If you travel with a wheelchair or stroller, we recommend to use coach 400 in the middle of the train. This coach has a certificate for the needs of persons with reduced mobility. It offers a wider aisle than the other coaches, two bookable wheelchair spaces, generous clearance and access to the PRM toilet, which also features a diaper changing table.

Please note that our wheelchair spaces must not be reserved for strollers. 

Which WESTbahn stations are barrier-free?

Wien West, St. Pölten and Linz dispose of Braille information on all hand rails in order to facilitate blind people to find their way to the trains. A general guidance system is available in the above mentioned stations as well as in Wels and Salzburg.

If you travel in a wheelchair you can enter end exit WESTbahn in all stations with the exception of Wien Hütteldorf. Due to the low platform heights entrance and exit is not possible in Wien Hütteldorf.

If you need help on the platform before you commence your travel, please send a mail to up to 48 hours before or call us at +43 1 899 00 (Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm and during the weekend and on holidays from 9 am to 3pm).


What are the features of WESTbahn PLUS?

Each six-part train set offers 5 coaches running as „WESTbahn“ category and coach 600 as „WESTbahn PLUS“. WESTbahn PLUS offers you the usual high level of service quality as well as a second seat for your comfort, a welcoming gift, a free of charge daily newspaper as well as guaranteed service at your seat. If you travel in WESTbahn PLUS an upgrade is being charged in addition to your house tariff ticket. Up to a distance of 150 kilometers it costs € 13,90 and beyond 150 kilometers € 19,90.

Until April 2, 2017 you can benefit from our € 9,- Wochenend PLUS promotion on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. 

If you buy an online house tariff ticket for WESTbahn PLUS it includes a free of charge seat reservation. If you want to upgrade your house tariff or promotion ticket spontaneously (depending on the availability of free seats), the steward will charge you the above mentioned tariff.

For frequent travellers WESTbahn offers a 12 upgrade package at a reduced tariff. 


How can I use WESTbahn wifi?

An excellent wifi connection for your smartphone, laptop or tablet is available in all WESTbahn train sets. Just log into WESTlan and surf uninterruptedly during your journey between Vienna and Salzburg.


How does WESTbahn catering work?

In each WESTbahn train set there are four WESTcafés with 8 places each, a vending machine for coffee and cold beverages as well as a snack-bar which is regularely catered with fresh snacks in Vienna and Salzburg through the railway station booth. Our snacks originate from the traditional Viennese bakery Ankerbrot, coffee is provided from Schärf company.

You can buy cold and hot beverages from our self service automats and will get snacks from your steward. In WESTbahn PLUS service at your seat is included, in the other coaches the steward will bring catering to your seat depending on the load factor and other circumstances.

You can download the up-to-date WESTbahn snack menu here. As an innovation there will be the possibility to order a combination of seat reservation and a warm snack and cold beverage online starting in the middle of June. The snack will be prepared shortly before train departure in the Ankerbrot store (currently only possible for departures from Vienna Westbahnhof and Salzburg) and will be brought to the seat by the steward. Please find further information here

WESTbahn catering does not need any public subsidies in any train. Thus WESTbahn and Ankerbrot/Schärf create an economic success story for all tax payers.

Luggage, bikes and animals

How many pieces of luggage can I take along?

In principle, there is no limit to your luggage. Nevertheless, your steward is authorized to charge a € 5,- supplement for bulky luggage or starting from a third piece of luggage.

How can I secure my luggage?

In the lower deck of each wagon, WESTbahn offers you a luggage rack so that you can secure you suitcase or bag with a metal band. You can unlock the corresponding lock by using a € 1,- coin which you will of course get back after usage. Your steward is happy to explain the handling of the lock to you.

We explicitly point out that we recommend the usage of the locks, especially if you choose a seat in the upper deck. 

Can I take along my bike in WESTbahn?

Yes. Bike entrainment is easily possible due to WESTbahn´s low floor construction. It costs € 5,- if you book online (for reservation and transport, booking here) up to 2 hours prior to departure. The information about the exact storing position which has been reserved for your bike is printed on the ticket PDF.

If you don´t book online prior to departure, bike entrainment is subject to the available capacity onboard and costs € 10,-. Your steward is authorized to decide if enough space is available. We ask for your understanding that especially trains with high passenger demand do not always allow space for bicycles or that particular train connections are excluded from bike reservations.

Bikes for children are also liable to payment whereas wrapped folding bikes are free of charge. Please note that you can not take along a tandem or moped in WESTbahn.

Can I take along an animal in WESTbahn?

Yes. Non-dangerous animals (e.g. small dogs) are transported free of charge if they are within a container. Transportation of bigger dogs with lead and muzzle costs € 1,- irrespective of the travel distance. The entrainment of dogs without lead and muzzle and dangerous animals respectively can be rejected by the steward. If your dog occupies a seat your steward is authorized to charge a full fare ticket.

Registered care dogs are excluded from this regulation.


How do I get the reduction voucher for Tiergarten Schönbrunn or Wiener Riesenrad?

If you buy a full fare ticket to Wien Hütteldorf or Wien Westbahnhof online or on board, you can receive a reduction voucher for Tiergarten Schönbrunn or Wiener Riesenrad from your steward. Please address your steward on this behalf.

Award Miles

How do I profit from entering my Miles & More / topbonus number when I buy an online ticket?

If you buy your ticket online and enter your Miles & More or topbonus number, you can collect 2 miles for each full Euro or even more in certain promotion periods. The crediting takes place as soon once you have used the ticket. As a further option, you can have your miles credited subsequently after consumption of your online tickets. Please use the form on our welcome page for that purpose.

For tickets you buy on board you can not collect any Miles & More / topbonus miles.

Business travelling

What are the benefits for my company if we book WESTbahn tickets?

To companies WESTbahn offers the possibility to do online booking via a so called partner link. Through this link you can buy all available WESTbahn products. For all bookings done via this partner link your company will receive an equated credit, depending on the annual booking volume. This credit is being distributed in the beginning of the following year.

In addition to the standard payment methods (online banking, Maestro card, Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club) companies may also pay with AirPlus. 

Please contact if you have any questions concerning the partner link. 

Lost and found

What happens if I forget something on board?

If our stewards find your lost item on board, we will store it up to 6 weeks in our WESTbahn bureau. After this period we will forward it to Zentralen Fundservice Wien (Siebenbrunnenfeldgasse 3, 1050 Wien, Tel. +43 1 4000-8091). In case you have any questions about the item, please contact WESTbahn’s customer care team (+43 1 899 00,