With Klimaticket Österreich, WESTbahn is your best choice between Vienna and Salzburg

Soon it will be here: Klimaticket Österreich! You can buy this new network ticket starting October 1 ("Klimaticket Now") on klimaticket.at, in our WESTshops and in the sales channels of all participating transport companies and traffic associations - and use it in WESTbahn trains from October 26 (or from the start of the validity of your Klimaticket Österreich).

When traveling with your Klimaticket Österreich between Vienna and Salzburg, WESTbahn is always your best choice. In addition to our brand-new fleet (our new KISS 3 sets have only been in service since the beginning of September 2021) and the always friendly crew, there are three Klimaticket Österreich advantages that you can only enjoy with us:

  1. Always travel one class better in WESTbahn trains with your Klimaticket Österreich - at no extra charge! By introducing a three-class concept in our new KISS 3 trains, there is now an additional Comfort Class 2+ (color petrol) between 2nd Class (new: Standard Class, color orange) and 1st Class (new: First Class, color yellow). And with your Klimaticket Österreich you can use this class for your journey at no extra charge at all.
  2. Book a free seat on board of WESTbahn with your Klimaticket Österreich - 365 days a year! Make a free seat reservation in advance (in Comfort Class or Standard Class) and look forward to an even more relaxed trip. 
  3. Collect WESTpunkte with your Klimaticket Österreich - for every journey! For every kilometer you travel in a WESTbahn train with your Klimaticket Österreich, you will receive WESTpunkte. You can use these, for example, to pay for drinks or snacks on board. Or you can use them to book tickets online for someone who does not (yet) have a Klimaticket Österreich.

Switching to Klimaticket Österreich from WESTbahn´s annual travel pass made easy

By the way, we make it very easy for you to switch from your WESTbahn annual travel pass to Klimaticket Österreich. Upon proof of purchase of a Klimaticket Österreich, you can cancel your WESTbahn annual travel pass without any processing fee and will receive a refund of the remaining amount for the unused days without any deductions. This way, you can conveniently switch to Klimaticket Österreich right from October 26. 

We love it when you travel with us and we're sure you will too!

PS: If your WESTbahn annual travel pass has already expired we recommend our Countdown Ticket or Countdown Ticket <26.