Ride guarantee

Our "Ride guarantee every 30 minutes"

Many travellers are consciously opting for climate-friendly mobility. We are pleased about this: Because we have always had a new and different approach to the subject of rail and put our customers at the centre.

The offensive consists of two measures:

  1. WESTbahn is the first and only company in Europe to offer its passengers a ride guarantee. All passengers who come to a WESTbahn train with a valid ticket are guaranteed to be able to board and ride along, no one will be turned away at the platform for reasons of train exhaustion or overcrowding.
  2. The timetable between Vienna and Salzburg will be further increased from 12 June. From then on, a WESTbahn will run every 30 minutes in each direction (exception: 3 gaps in the timetable around midday). Rail travel will thus get a new level of quality and the simplicity of inner-city transport.

We offer a solution to ensure high quality rail transport in Austria and therefore consciously decide to formally issue this ride guarantee. We can do this because we are sure that it will not happen that we have to clear a train or deny boarding to someone for capacity reasons.

But what if, in the absolute exceptional case, it does happen that someone can no longer board the train for reasons of capacity or overcrowding? After a short wait, you take the next train and get back the double fare of your ticket as a credit. For passengers with KlimaTicket Ö, double WESTpunkte are credited as compensation. Please note: In this exceptional case, you will receive a receipt printed out by the crew. With this receipt and your original ticket or KlimaTicket Ö, please contact our Customer Care Team (01 899 00 or meinenachricht@westbahn.at).